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About Nordcloud

Helping businesses rapidly accelerate their Cloud adoption

Our Mission

The cloud is rapidly transforming the way we live and work. It makes our lives more convenient, accessible, and secure, and for organisations it drives them to be more competitive, agile, and profitable. We're currently witnessing a mass migration to the cloud, which at Nordcloud we call #TheCloudRevolution. It was this observation that led our team of founders to establish Nordcloud in 2011 with the mission of helping organisations gain the maximum benefits the cloud has to offer.

Since then we've grown into a global leader of cloud services having helped over 200 organisations gain the benefits of the cloud from our offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Poznań and Malmö.

We're making the world a more cloudy place, one migration at a time.

Our Story

Since Nordcloud was founded in 2011, we've been on quite an adventure! We've served over 200 customers, expanded from our Helsinki base into new countries, and been on a constant quest to bring together the brightest minds in the industry to create the ultimate cloud team. As an ambitous organisation whose true north is growth, change is most certainly inevitable - however, there will always be one constant; we will always be focussed on helping organisations gain the maximum benefits of the cloud by building the best possible solution for our clients. This is just the begining of our story and we look forward to writing more exciting chapters with you as we adventure forward!

Nordcloud is founded and we open our first office in Helsinki, Finland

December 2011

Nordcloud completes and delivers its first client project

February 2012

Nordcloud's growth continues as we help our 10th customer gain the benefits of the cloud.

February 2013

Nordcloud reaches a quarter of a million hosted instance- hours in one month.

August 2013

The Nordcloud team reaches double figures as our 10th Nordcloudian joins.

August 2013

Nordcloud's international expansion begins with the opening of our Stockholm office in Sweden.

August 2013

Nordcloud reaches 1 million hosted instance- hours in one month.

March 2014

Nordcloud delivers its 50th customer project.

April 2014

Nordcloud becomes a Google Cloud Platform Strategic Partner.

May 2014

Nordcloud is awarded Silver Partner status for the Microsoft Cloud Platform, Azure.

June 2014

Nordcloud opens its UK office in London

September 2014

We help our 100th customer gain the benefits of the cloud.

October 2014

Nordcloud is awarded AWS Premier Partner status, the first company based in Northern Europe to gain this accreditation.

November 2014

The Nordcloud family continues to grow as our 50th team member joins.

February 2015

Nordcloud reaches 2 million hosted instance- hours in one month.

March 2015

Nordcloud begins operations in Germany and opens its Munich office.

March 2015

Expansion in Sweden continues with the opening of our Malmö office in the Øresund Region.

March 2015

Nordcloud opens its Norway office in Oslo.

May 2015

Nordcloud's growth continues as we reach 200 customers served.

June 2015

The brand new nordcloud.com launches.

October 2015

Nordcloud becomes an accredited AWS Managed Service Partner.

January 2016

Nordcloud opens its Dutch office in Amsterdam.

April 2016

The Nordcloud Academy is launched; our own cloud training program.

May 2016

The Nordcloud CODE, our culture manifesto, is launched.

June 2016

Nordcloud becomes a Microsoft Azure Gold Cloud Partner.

June 2016

Our People

At the heart of Nordcloud's success is our fantastic team of Nordcloudians. It's our smart, fun, and hard-working cloud heroes who deliver the fantastic results for our clients and make our company what it is. At Nordcloud we're building the ultimate cloud team, and to do that we're bringing people together from a diverse range of cultures and a variety of fields of expertise, each with their own unique skills, knowledge, and personality. If you'd like to be the next member of the Nordcloud team then check out our Careers page, explore our open positions, and come join #TheCloudRevolution.


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