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Nordcloud Academy

Learn more about Nordcloud Academy and get to know our future Cloud Ninjas!

About Nordcloud Academy


The problem is obvious and it's been here for some time now; there are not enough skilled people in the cloud arena. To face the challenge we decided to roll up our sleeves, grow the next cloud generation ourselves, and so Nordcloud Academy was born.

Nordcloud Academy trains IT experts in modern cloud architecture over a six month period and offers in-depth cloud education for both junior and senior IT specialists. The program consists of classroom training, self-learning, and most importantly learning by working on projects with our Senior Cloud Architects. After the intensive Academy we will have 10 skilled AWS Certified Cloud Engineers ready to continue their journey with us.

We are super excited to offer cloudy career paths to both those who have recently graduated and those who are looking for a change in their careers and want to work in the cloud. Stay tuned to see when the next programme starts, and in the meanwhile please meet our Nordcloud Academy team.

Meet The Members of Nordcloud Academy

Sami Segerman

When I heard the first time about a chance to work for Nordcloud, I was really excited and couldn’t wait to go through the recruiting process. I saw this as a huge chance to get to the frontline of modern technology. I have worked my whole career in a worldwide company, so this is a big jump for me to start in a rapidly growing smaller company but I see it as a positive thing.



Jani Luostarinen

I joined the Nordcloud Academy as an ambitious rookie in IT. I worked in the logistics field for the past nine years while studying at the same time at Haaga-Helia applied sciences from where I just graduated. Now I'm extremely thrilled to be a part of the Nordcloud Academy and I look forward the challenges that await ahead. What I like most in IT is that you can never be “done” as a professional. You need to constantly educate yourself in order to keep up with the new trends and tools.

Jan-Erik Finlander

Not so long ago, online learning and communication applications like chatting, file sharing and web conferencing required quite a lot of downloadable applications. Nowadays cloud-based solutions are revolutionizing the way in which people work together; lots of online applications reside on the cloud, and are accessible anywhere any time; regardless of your device or platform. And Nordcloud gave me the opportunity to give my best in this area!



Tommi Tallila

I am bringing my knowledge of databases and Windows based systems to Nordcloud. My dream job is to be a technical specialist who works among the latest technologies that are relevant in the future too. I feel that the cloud is the future of IT and mostly I like working with cloud technology that also gives me a chance to work with databases and Windows servers that are in the cloud.

Joni Nordlund

On my free time I do programming and study technical things, so one could probably call me a geek. Other things I love to do when I’m not working are taking long walks and I also read a lot of fictional literature (I always have at least two books unfinished). When I was chosen to Nordcloud Academy, I was very excited, because I’m always very enthusiastic about learning new, challenging things. Furthermore, my first impression of Nordcloud is that it is really a company I want to work with. I see lots of enthusiastic and skilful people I like to work with.



Tommi Pikkarainen

My spark for cloud technologies was ignited at a Microsoft Azure webinar where they introduced their service and told about cloud computing. I was very fascinated about the subject and decided to write my Bachelor’s thesis concerning cloud computing. I still have the spark and now also a chance to learn more about cloud services and actually get to work with them at Nordcloud.

Markku Ontronen

Nordcloud Academy members were warmly welcomed to the team. It is kind of refreshing to be a part of a smaller, more transparent organization, just like in the beginning of my career. I am also really excited about the cloud. It offers the chance to cost effectively try out new things quickly and then scale easily as required. To Nordcloud I am bringing my gathered experience, ability to look at the bigger picture as well as paying attention to the details.



Pasi Purhonen

I have been dreaming of finding a good IT job. Nordcloud seems to fit perfectly for me because here I can develop my own skills and the company is growing really fast. I have really positive feelings about Nordcloud after two weeks here. People are really friendly here. Because of that it is nice to come every morning at the workplace. IT fascinates me because this business is developing all the time. We face new challenges every day so I also have to develop my own skills all the time. Cloud is still relatively new thing for me but I find it really interesting and want to learn more about it.

Jukka Sandberg

I have 18 years embedded software developer background in telecom industry. Now I had a great chance to join the cloud revolution and make my contribution for it. It is very motivating to learn and work with technology that has an impact on all of us now and in the future. My first feeling about Nordcloud was enthusiastic and skilled cloud experts with good sense of humour. In my freetime I go to gym, cycling or skiing and I also like cooking. At the weekends we pack our car and drive to the cottage.



Jarmo Herrala

Working in IT is something that you are never ready with. I am still new with the Cloud technologies so there are lots of things to learn before calling myself a guru. My dream is to work as a Cloud Architect with multinational customer interface in the environment which is never ready and changing all the time. I am very excited and motivated to work with the very experienced and highly talented colleagues. I can already feel the Nordcloud spirit and being part of it!

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