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Connecting the data-driven enterprise with Talend Integration Cloud.

The Challenge

Talend is an open source software vendor providing data integration, data management, enterprise application integration, and big data software and services. Talend Integration Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution supporting customers throughout the entire process of collecting, organising, enriching, analysing, and acting on Big Data in their enterprises. Talend needed to launch the product without the large upfront commitment of its own data centre. Since customers could run their own code in the PaaS environment they needed a provider that could offer fine-grained access control to all compute, storage, and network resources.

The Solution

Nordcloud delivered the development together with Talend and created a multi-tenant environment on AWS. Talend Integration Cloud leverages the benefits of a number of AWS products including CloudFormation, EC2, Auto Scaling, CloudWatch, Route 53, VPC, CloudTrail, SNS, and Elastic Load Balancing. The solution is available now and allows customers to run their own integration workloads, an example being enriching sales data with open, demographic data to run queries at a big scale.

AWS provided Talend with IAM, Security Groups, Network ACL, and Key Management Services hardening the stack to meet customer SLAs and securely isolate multiple tenants from each other. The security services proved instrumental for Talend’s security needs. In order for the platform to scale, AWS rich APIs were used to automate startup and shutdown of images and processes. AutoScaling was another integral part of the application to be able to self-heal and provide elasticity, e.g. scale-up in high load situations and scale-down once the load went.

The Results

The AWS solution has minimised the differences between development and production stack. Talend's up-front investment was 10x lower compared to traditional data centers.

“The cooperation with Nordcloud enabled Talend to bring such a complex solution to market in less than three months from project launch. The combination of AWS technology with the solid experience of Nordcloud was the guarantee of success and an on-time delivery of the product to market.”

-Dietmar Lenzen, VP of Product Development, Talend


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