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Internationalisation powered by the cloud.

The Challenge

Tradedoubler is an international leader in performance-based marketing. As a pioneer of affiliate marketing in Europe, Tradedoubler has built a performance marketing community that helps advertisers promote their products and services through its high-quality network of publishers. Tradedoubler is based in Stockholm, but to reach the world market for their ad-tracker product they turned to Nordcloud and AWS to help them harness the cloud to support their internationalisation goals whilst also solving their challenges when it comes to security in a global network and common threats such as Ddos attacks, intrusion attempts and also providing a flexible, evolving, reactive and global hosting solution.

The Solution

To be able deliver effective advertisements across the globe, low-latency was of paramount importance. Another requirement was to speed up the deployment cycle as software updates had to be easily sent from one single place to all the edge nodes around the world. Finally, this all had to be done in a cost-efficient manner, and AWS could deliver on all project requirements.

One of the AWS products used was Route53, which ensured that end users reach the node with the lowest latency. Another product, CloudFormation, then made it possible to specify the infrastructure as a template that could run in any AWS region. One click build, test, and deployment was achieved by writing a python script using the boto library, the CloudFormation template, and TeamCity. To achieve cost-savings, autoscaling and reserved instances were used since the number of servers scale with revenue. Once deployed, Nordcloud monitored the solution 24/7 to ensure the solution was continuously running smoothly.

The Results

The project led to savings of both time and money, but the most important outcome was that Tradedoubler could replicate their system everywhere in the world, making it easy for them to launch in new markets and achieve their goals of international growth.


“The project led to savings of both time and money, but the most important outcome was that we could replicate our system everywhere in the world, launch in new markets, and achieve our goals for international growth.”

-Magnus Lundqvist, Head of IT Operations, Tradedoubler


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