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Welcome to the cloud!

Migrate your infrastructure to the cloud then enjoy the benefits of automating your IT tasks.

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation is Nordcloud’s consultancy service that focuses on migrating workloads to the cloud and automating deployment pipelines. With this service we deliver the benefits of cloud automation, including improved bottom line, increased insight on usage, the ability to scale systems on demand, simpler multi-zone deployments, and continuous integration, among many others. We can ‘lift and shift’ any size of Windows and Linux server estates for clients who are choosing Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Compute Engine for higher availability and a pay-as-you-go financial model.




Increase competitiveness with cloud automation

Nordcloud delivers cloud & DevOps engineers in a project managed-team capacity and as an augmentation to a client’s existing team. We are experts in technologies such as Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Git, Docker, alongside all those others that are commonly used in cloud DevOps environments. Our migration and automation projects work seamlessly with our Managed Cloud service to ensure that every customer server is automatically monitored. As more and more industries are being disrupted by software companies (think Uber, Airbnb, Tesla), businesses need to become more and more software-driven, so it is critical that IT supports developer productivity; Nordcloud delivers the cloud automation and self-service for you to do just that.

Your cloud automation partner

Switching to the cloud requires a solid skill-set of the required tools and operating models. The more experienced the partner, the more secure and controlled the transition will be. At Nordcloud, our experienced team of cloud architects and experts will help you do this so you can benefit from the elastic-scaling, speed, multi-tenancy, and performance advantages cloud-based computing offers, whilst reducing your capital expenditure and operating costs.

Nordcloud has delivered over 200 cloud migration projects using all the major public clouds; we know how to deliver world-class migration projects with code - quickly, securely, and reliably.


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Discover how Nordcloud helped Talend automate workloads by migrating their infrastructure to the cloud.


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