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Continuous cloud support from cloud experts

Bespoke managed IT services that keep your cloud infrastructure available, optimised, and secure at all times, for all the leading Public Cloud platforms.

Managed Cloud

Now you have started using the public cloud, one of the biggest challenges you'll face is the successful management of your entire IT infrastructure — at all times. This is where Managed Cloud services become so business critical. Our leading cloud experts will ensure your systems are available, secure, performant, and cost effective 24/7.

Nordcloud's Managed Cloud is your all-in-one managed services solution providing flexible service bundles to fit your IT needs. This means you can focus on your core business operations while we take care of your cloud. Our Managed Cloud team is made up of some of Europe's leading cloud experts who have certifications from multiple public cloud providers. We live and breathe DevOps, are focussed on providing you peace of mind, and we will ensure your cloud infrastructure is always available, optimised, and secure - 24/7!



Four Services. Every Cloud.

Our Managed Cloud offering is built upon four core services; Cloud Duty, Cloud Guard, Cloud Care, and Cloud Control. Explore below for more info and datasheets.

Cloud Duty

24/7 full-stack monitoring & incident response for your entire cloud infrastructure all the way up until the software application layer.

Cloud Duty is our spearhead service within Managed Cloud:

  • 24x7x365 incident response of your entire infrastructure for IaaS, PaaS, OS, and middleware
  • Realised mean response time of 9 minutes in 2016
  • Mean resolution time of 30 minutes in 2016
  • Proactive root cause analysis per escalated incident
  • Cloud native Monitoring-as-a-Service powered by:
    • Datadog’s cloud-scale next generation dynamic monitoring technology
    • Pingdom service availability, uptime and response time (latency) monitoring
    • Nordcloud’s leading certified cloud experts
  • Maximum service availability with minimum OpEx
  • Unparalleled cost-efficiency in the delivery of service availability, uptime, and cloud development support
  • Delivered as a bespoke service based on the specific needs of your individual environment
  • Your choice of monitoring levels, service hours, response time SLAs, and reporting
  • Multi-cloud support for consolidated managed services for *ALL* your public cloud infrastructures
  • Cloud Duty is built upon our certified industry-leading Managed Cloud team and operations with Europe's top cloud experts

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Cloud Guard

Maximum Cloud Security. Guaranteed!

Cloud Guard delivers the maximum security protection for your entire cloud infrastructure:

  • A full turnkey managed service using the most robust born-in-the-cloud tooling
  • Anti-malware
  • Intrusion detection & prevention
  • File and log integrity
  • Compliance validation & resolution
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Deep security-as-a-service
  • Complicance assessment
  • Continuous security assessment
  • Patching
  • Reporting
  • Cloud Guard is built to deliver the exact security standards you require
  • Never again worry about Cloud Security; we'll manage it for you!

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Cloud Care

The world changes on a daily basis. So does your cloud. Stay on top of things with Cloud Care!

With Cloud Care we will give your infrastructure the love and attention it deserves:

  • Reporting, tracking, and forecasting of managed services operations
  • Continous development and performance tracking of your cloud infra, management, and operations
  • Cost management & optimisation analyses
  • Extend your cloud support team with our Cloud-Admin on-demand offering
  • Built upon our Service Delivery Management (SDM), the value adding services of Cloud Care ensure a continuously improving, always optimised and performing public cloud infrastructure

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Cloud Control

Keeping your cloud up-to-date along side the latest industry-leading best practices.

Cloud Control will ensure the architecture of your entire cloud infrastructure is up to date:

  • Continuous review and improvement of your infra following industry-leading best practices
  • Benchmark assessment against the four pillars of Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimisation
  • Managed backup, patching and updates
  • Sophisticated log management as your trusted cloud advisor

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