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23 Sep 2016

6 Things Your IT Department Needs To Stop Doing Immediately

Too much to do in your IT department? We know the feeling. Here are six suggestions of things you can stop doing right now and reclaim more time for innovation.

Edward Ford

Vendors and consultants, including Nordcloud occasionally, are always telling IT managers what they should be doing; Buy this. Adopt that. Choose us!

Well, it’s time for a change. Here are a few recommendations of things to STOP doing. Think of it as your don’t-do list.


  1. Buying new servers. Nobody builds their own private power station anymore. They just plug into the grid. Likewise, with industrial-scale cloud services available such as Microsoft Azure, available on demand, there has never been a better time to seize the benefits of cloud computing and stop buying, installing and managing new servers. 
  1. Making things complicated. Stop over-specifying, customising and building bespoke solutions. It’s usually cheaper to optimise a business process to match out-of-the-box solutions than to customise the software to match a broken process. Scope creep is the enemy of timely, on-budget delivery.
  1. Managing your own backups. Moving backup to the cloud removes a huge burden of tedious, repetitive but business-critical activity. IDC found that an organization with 46 TB of data can gain the equivalent of two full-time staff by simplifying these tasks. 
  1. Stop thinking you can address digital transformation challenges with a legacy approach. The responsiveness needs of IT has gone up. Even just tweaking your current process and tooling a little bit is going to make significant improvements. A CIO has to look for transformative solutions, and the cloud can deliver that.
  1. Chasing incremental improvements. Shaving five percent off the budget here and 10 percent of the acquisition cost there is good housekeeping but it isn’t going to bring about radical change. There’s a risk of being penny wise and pound foolish if CIOs and CTOs fall into the trap of defending the IT budget as a cost rather than promoting it, with the help of other business leaders, as an investment.
  1. Fighting without allies. Seek allies and build next works instead of fighting for IT spending on your own. At Google, it’s business unit leaders that champion IT projects not the CIO: ‘I cannot grow … if these 10 IT projects are not executed.’ Similarly, you don’t have to face every challenge on your own. You can get outside expertise to help get you started or support with managing your cloud environment.

For more ways to make your IT department leaner and more innovative, download our whitepaper: 10 ways to free up time and money for IT innovation.

IT Innovation: 10 ways CIOs can free up time and budget

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