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05 Oct 2017

Save money with A New VM Size For Azure: The B-Series Family

Microsoft has released yet another new VM last month, providing the lowest cost of any existing size flexible CPU performance: the new B-series.

Jessica Looke

Microsoft Azure has released yet another new VM last month, providing the lowest cost of any existing size flexible CPU performance: the new B-series. 

According to Microsoft, the workloads will be able to run for a longer time using a smaller amount of CPU performance and then conveniantly increase to its full power when needed, (Microsoft's current sizes still make you pay for the full CPU in order to handle high and bursty times). The new, burstable, 6 VM sizes are a cost effective way to deploy workloads that don't need full performance and even when the performance is working at low-points, your VM instances can still build up credits. When the VMs accumulate enough credit, you can burst your usage, up to 100% of the vCPU during the time your application requires the higher CPU performance. 

These VM sizes allow you to pay and burst when you need to, and use only a small amount of the CPU when you don’t. They also burst up to 100% of the CPU when you do need it, allowing you cost flexibility and value. 

Microsoft have launched the preview in regions US - West 2, US - East, Europe - West, and Asia Pacific - Southeast, but expect to up the number towards the end of the year. 

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