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14 Mar

There has recently been a lot of news about data breaches on AWS S3 (Simple Storage System). Sensitive data, passwords and access credentials have been exposed to the whole world. For many, this might have led to the assumption that S3 itself would be insecure and it would be better to avoid using it. The truth is quite the opposite. S3 is totally suitable for storing even sensitive data. As in most cases, the S3 data breaches happened because of human error and misconfiguration, not because of security issues in the service itself.

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04 Aug

As AWS quickly evolves and new features are added almost daily, the training courses must also adapt to this. Architecting on AWS recently got a major update and the new course has a completely updated structure with heavy emphasis on architectural design concepts and best practices. Also, some of the more recent services are introduced as part of the architecture examples and labs.

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AWS Cloud Training Architecting on AWS Cloud Architecture

07 Jun

When you move your infrastructure to the cloud, and especially when you create new cloud-native applications, AWS has various managed services that can prove to be extremely useful. In a traditional on-premise environment you normally run applications, databases, queue services, and load balancers on servers that you manage yourself. This is of course possible on AWS too and works well if you have very specific requirements for these services that you want to configure on your own. However, there are a vast amount of managed services you can use to replace these solutions. I will go through five of them here, concentrating on the very essentials to make your life a little bit easier.

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AWS Managed Services Managed Cloud

01 Jun

One typical concern when moving your infrastructure to Amazon Web Services is that you may lose control over it, but the truth is quite the opposite; AWS will take care of everything on the physical side of your infrastructure (while being compliant with basically every relevant certification and regulation) so you can focus on managing and monitoring the services that you use - and there are plenty of tools on AWS to do that.
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AWS Cloud Security Security Virtual Private Cloud English CloudTrail AWS Config CloudWatch SNS

22 Apr

Security is (or at least should be) the first priority of any application that is connected to the Internet. When moving your applications and data to the cloud it’s natural to have concerns about security issues but you will find that most of them are unnecessary!
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AWS Cloud Training Cloud Security Amazon Web Services Security Operations on AWS English

09 Feb

Amazon Web Services recently launched a completely updated version of the Developing on AWS course. As an AWS Authorized Training Partner we are happy to announce that Nordcloud will be delivering this course!

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AWS Cloud Training Amazon Web Services Devloping on AWS English