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05 Apr 2017

AWS opens data centers in Stockholm in 2018

AWS opens data centers in Stockholm in 2018. Why is this important? What does it mean to Nordic businesses?

Samuli Ahola

Amazon Web Services announced yesterday their plans to open an infrastructure region in Stockholm in 2018. The new AWS EU (Stockholm) Region will comprise of three Availability Zones at launch. Later this year, two AWS Regions in France and China are also expected to come online. 

Good news for businesses in Nordics was announced yesterday, as AWS announced its plans to open a new infrastructure region in Stockholm next year. This helps AWS to strengthen its position in the Nordics even more - as well as in the EU overall. 


Why is this important? 

Here's briefly, how having an AWS data center physically in Stockholm will help businesses in the Nordics: 

  1. Requirements regarding data storage - especially in Sweden

    • With some specific businesses, there are strict requirements where data physically needs to be stored. If you happen to operate in one of these businesses - voilá, problem solved. Your data can now be physically stored in Sweden and you can get all the benefits of the public cloud at the same time.

  2. Requirements regarding data storage - EU area

    • Is your data required to be physically stored within the EU area? You now have another option in Stockholm, which may offer you lower latency times than previous ones. 

  3. Lower latency - faster connection

    • AWS Region in Stockholm enables Swedish and Nordic businesses to take the advantage of even lower latency times than before. This comes in handy especially if low latency is critical for your service or business (streaming media/content being a prime example of this).

    • Many customers are still relying on databases that run on legacy UNIX platforms. When the AWS Nordic Region comes online, they can move applications that use those databases to the cloud without adding excessive latency.

Moving mission-critical applications to AWS has enabled several Nordic start-up companies to scale rapidly and expand their geographic reach in minutes, whereas large enterprises have been able to drive cost savings and speed up time-to-market. AWS has been the cloud platform of choice for companies of all kinds; from most successful Nordic startups to global enterprises operating in the Nordics. 

“The Nordic’s most successful startups, including iZettle, King, Mojang, and Supercell, as well as some of the most respected enterprises in the world, such as IKEA, Nokia, Scania, and Telenor, depend on AWS to run their businesses, enabling them to be more agile and responsive to their customers. An AWS Region in Stockholm enables Swedish and Nordic customers, with local latency or data sovereignty requirements, to move the rest of their applications to AWS and enjoy cost and agility advantages across their entire application portfolio.”

 - Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services (link)

Oh, and majority of these companies happen to be our customers as well. Here you can read some other success stories.

If you're interested in utilizing the benefits of the public cloud as well, or just have some questions for us, please get in touch! We're more than happy to answer any cloud-related questions you might have; whether they consider current solutions or your future plans.  

Original press release can be found here.

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