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21 Dec 2016

Bright and cloudy year ahead

This past year has been particularly successful for the cloud industry and what comes to 2017 we haven't seen anything yet.

Saara Saalamo

This past year has been particularly successful for the cloud industry. The unprecented growth pace will be further accelerated next year according to research company Forrester that listed the most important trends to shape cloud computing in 2017.

Cloud Year 2017 will be the year of enterprises. Cloud technology and solutions were first implemented by companies developing digital products like gaming and media companies. More traditional industries followed a bit later and are now more and more starting their cloud journey, step-by-step. Especially banks and financial institutions are currently investing heavily in digital services and entering into the cloud era. 

"Enterprises with big budgets, data centers and complex applications are now looking at cloud as a viable place to run core business applications", says Forrester analyst Dave Bartoletti.

According to Forrester the global public cloud market will be growing 22 % in 2017. The lion's share of this growth will come from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google and IBM. The big players won't be able to serve every unique request or offer taylored solutions to all customers, which means a bit smaller, regional players will see an uptick in adoption in 2017. Forrester analyst encourages to keep ones options open and don't be afraid to use multiple providers.

Cloud infrastructure market is blooming - Nordcloud is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe

More frequently companies that are after the benefits of the cloud turns to cloud native companies like Nordcloud to accelerate their time to value from the public cloud - in a cost-effective and secure way.

For the past four years Nordcloud has grown at an amazing rate of 3 433%. Just recently Nordcloud took the pole position on Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 list in Finland and the respective 24th position on Deloitte's Technology 500 EMEA list.

”I have been keeping my eyes on Nordcloud's journey for couple of years already and it's fantastic to see them now on the first place of Technology Fast 50 list. The strong growth in this uncertain economic time is encouraging us all", says Jukka-Pekka Suortti, Partner at Deloitte.

Nordcloud's CEO Esa Kinnunen says that from the very beginning Nordcloud's goal has been to become a successful international company. The vision is to be number one in its field in Europe.

"I'm so proud and honored for this recognition on behalf of the entire hard-working and dedicated Nordcloud personnel. Reaching to these kind of growth numbers requires deep and true expertise, working closely together and towards one goal - and most of all courage to do things that one believes in."


Thank you to our awesome customers & partners and the fabulous team across Europe for this amazing year.

Happy holidays and a prosperous - and cloudy - year 2017!



About Nordcloud

Nordcloud is a European leader of public cloud infrastructure solutions and services. Since 2012 we've completed over 300 deployments to help our enterprise customers gain the maximum benefits of the cloud including security, agility, scalability and overall cost-savings. As an independent cloud-native company, we are representing all globally leading cloud technology providers neutrally for the customers’ benefit. With a strong Nordic heritage, Nordcloud is headquartered in Helsinki with offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, London, Amsterdam, Poznan and Munich.

If you'd like to talk with Nordcloud to see how you can benefit from the cloud then contact us and we'll arrange a meeting for you with one of our cloud experts.
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