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20 Mar 2017

From Cloud projects to enduro racing - Not your ordinary service delivery manager

Whether the challenge considers Cloud projects or riding enduro bikes in the woods, Nordcloud's Service Delivery Manager Juha Poutiainen is up to the challenge.

Samuli Ahola

Whether the challenge considers Cloud projects or riding enduro bikes in the woods, Juha Poutiainen is up to the challenge.

During the week, you can usually see Juha Poutiainen being busy leading Cloud projects, setting up and monitoring delivery processes and helping Nordcloud’s customers making the most out of our services. On 25th and 26th of March, instead, he will be busy participating in a legendary 700km long “Päitsi” enduro motorbike race. Juha, isn’t that quite a change from your ordinary daily routines?

“Well, if you look at physical aspects, the change is pretty obvious. My daily work isn’t usually physically very demanding - when racing enduro, instead, I burn roughly 800 calories per hour. From the mental perspective, there are more similarities. Such as being able to anticipate the next step, whether it considers the effects in organisation when executing their Cloud strategy, or accelerating my enduro bike before a steep turn.”

Physically enduro can be very demanding. 


“Päitsi” is an enduro race, where competitors in Enduro GP and national A,B and C classes race 15 special tests on Saturday, and 11 more of them on Sunday 26th of March. Race starts from Vierumäki, Lahti and the finish line will be crossed at Malmi Airport in Helsinki. The race has a legendary reputation among enduro drivers all around the world, especially since it requires some special preparations, thanks to winter conditions.

“Päitsi” is a unique enduro race. Not only is it a 2-day competition, but the length of the actual race is about 5 times longer than usual. Winter conditions add a factor; not only to the racing itself, but also to the transitions between special tests - it’s almost unavoidable to get cold during them. Also on saturday night, part of the race is driven in the dark.

In winter conditions, spike tires are being used, and for the most part you drive in these smaller trails, which are carved in the snow and are about the width of your tire.

benkun-spoori.jpg           Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 14.57.39.png

On the left: "Spoori", the trail where races for the most part are driven in the winter. On the right: winter enduro tires. 


Nordcloud is a proud sponsor of our very own racing team’s enduro pilot, and sponsors Juha with a special set of tires for this competition. In these special tires, there are more than 300 roughly 1cm long spikes in each tyre, which, according to Juha, “provide even better traction than you get in summer conditions”.

As an enduro driver, you are required some special personality traits. The speeds in the races can go up to 100 kilometers per hour, and there’s no room for fear if you don’t want to finish last.

“Most important traits for an enduro driver are the ability to anticipate what’s happening next, and the skill to perform steadily within the limits of your own abilities. If you start to rush things or do things beyond your own skills, most likely you’re going to make mistakes and fall down.

Physically the sport is quite demanding. Like mentioned earlier, you burn roughly 800 calories per hour. In Päitsi race, you drive for 10 hours on Saturday and 6 more on Sunday. You can do the math - besides driving skills, the sport requires a good level of fitness. Usually the fitness training stops about a week before the race, and then the focus is on getting a good feel of driving and tuning the bike for the race.”

Are there any similarities in requirements compared to your daily tasks in Nordcloud? Or is it a completely different world when you put on your helmet and start racing?

“Anticipation, keeping your head cold, and being prepared for something unexpected to happen. By being calm and decisive you are usually successful - just like in business world.”

As a team, we wish the best of luck to Juha in this year’s “Päitsi” race. If you wish to utilize this brave driver’s expertise in lifting your business to the cloud, please don’t hesitate to contact him!

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 14.57.21-1.png

Päitsi enduro race will be driven on 25th-26th of March. More information about the race can be found here.

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