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10 Feb 2017

Nordcloud invests in innovation and sets up an R&D unit in Poland

To support our rapid growth across Europe, we are investing in research and development and have set up an R&D unit in Poznań, Poland.

Saara Saalamo

Just recently we have been ranked as the fastest growing technology company in Finland and one of the fastest growing tech. companies in EMEA area according to Deloitte. To support our rapid growth across Europe, we are investing in research and development and have set up an R&D unit in Poznań, Poland.

Since 2012 we have helped over 250 enterprises to get the maximum business benefits and harness the power of the cloud. Agile customer-oriented way of working and efficient implementation of new cloud technologies have enabled our success story.

"As we aim to be the trusted partner for enterprises in their digital transformation journey, we are committed in developing our next generation Managed Cloud services even further to meet our customers’ ever-increasing needs. This investment is also very well aligned with our vision to become the leading European Managed Cloud services provider", shares Ilja Summala, CTO of Nordcloud Group, on our latest move.

"On a European scale Poland is becoming one of the hottest areas for innovation, research and development. Poznań in turn is one of the largest Polish centers of trade, industry, education and technology. It is particularly important academic center, with over 100,000 students. As there is very skilled workforce available this was a natural choice for us to set up our R&D operations in this academically flourishing city of Poznań. It’s also closely connected with our central European market", Ilja continues clearly excited on what's coming.

In the first phase this newly established R&D unit will employ a small group of highly-skilled cloud technology professionals, in the future it will grow and employ as many as 100 cloud experts.

With the centralized R&D unit in Poznań, we will first and foremost strengthen our next generation Managed Cloud services offering. Apart from the Poznań operations we continue to be present locally in our key markets in Germany, the Netherlands, UK and the Nordics and work closely with our customers and partners. 


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Nordcloud is a European leader of public cloud infrastructure solutions and services. Since 2012 we've completed over 300 deployments to help our enterprise customers gain the maximum benefits of the cloud including security, agility, scalability and overall cost-savings. As an independent cloud-native company, we are representing all globally leading cloud technology providers neutrally for the customers’ benefit. With a strong Nordic heritage, Nordcloud is headquartered in Helsinki with offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, London, Amsterdam, Poznan and Munich.

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