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11 Apr 2018

Nordcloud Launches New Design Studio: Intergalactico

Intergalactico to secure Nordcloud’s leadership in the design of cloud-first applications & experiences that keep our customers at the leading-edge of cloud design.

Jessica Looke

Intergalactico to secure Nordcloud’s leadership in the design of cloud-first applications & experiences that keep our customers at the leading-edge of cloud design.
Europe’s leading cloud-services provider Nordcloud has launched a new design brand and studio that will work across the company’s main markets. Intergalactico will focus on securing Nordcloud’s leadership in the design of cloud-first services, user interfaces and development strategies – ensuring Nordcloud stays at the forefront of high-end design for future cloud-based applications and experiences. 

“Smart, high-quality, user-centric design for the cloud that brings our customers consistently great user-experiences at reasonable investment – that’s what Intergalactico is all about,” says Mikko Rajala, Head of Design at Intergalactico. 

“We see that the demand for excellent design is increasingly moving to upper-management level in organisations,” says Rajala. “Design is now seen as a competitive advantage, especially when companies are looking at new business areas and new solutions for their existing customers.” 

The design experts at the core of Intergalactico have a solid track record in designing digital services and experiences, focusing on sustainable and high-quality designs that delight users. The team has been developing its service portfolio since 2006, working both directly with Nordcloud’s customers and as part of multi-vendor teams.

“At the product level, our design operations have grown from doing single implementations to creating full-blown design systems,” says Rajala. “This means we’ve been designing validated, high-quality modular design patterns to serve multiple different teams within an organisation. Intergalactico is at the cutting-edge of cloud-first service design.”

By creating Intergalactico as a brand, Nordcloud is highlighting the importance of service design as a business advantage for its clients. This enhances Nordcloud’s ability to offer its customers full life-cycle support for their cloud-based applications – from inception to continuous development and maintenance.     

Read more about Intergalactico and our design related service offering at www.intergalactico.io


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