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09 Jun

Nordcloud as finalist in Microsoft Partner of the Year 2018
Microsoft Microsoft Corp. has announced the winners and finalists of the Microsoft 2018 Partner of the Year Awards. Nordcloud is proud to be the first finalist in the global series of partners for Open Source Applications & Infrastructure on Azure.

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Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Applications Microsoft Azure Microsoft Award

10 Nov

Nordcloud is partnering with New Relic in the “Cloud Migration and Monitoring Roadshow” in Zurich this November.

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Cloud Migration Cloud Applications Cloud Monitoring Zurich Switzerland

27 Sep

This blog post was originally written by  and published in SC5's blog here. 

Return on Investment. The most fundamental of all business metrics. You don’t need to know tech-talk to understand that any app that you commission needs to result in profit.

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AWS Cloud Applications

26 Sep

Over the last few years, Cloud adoption has grown rapidly, (USD 250 billion in 2017*) thanks to the constant pressure on IT budgets and many businesses need for digital innovation. After years of expertise in the Cloud arena, Nordcloud has made the decision to combine our previously independent Cloud infrastructure and application development business in order to provide a complete set of Cloud transformation services to our customers.

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Cloud Applications Business transformation cloud

19 Sep

Azure App Services is arguably the most popular Azure PaaS service, allowing you to host Web Sites and App Functions in a fully managed service.

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Cloud Security Cloud Applications Azure

01 Oct

An Interview with the Founder of Uppstart, Jason Dainter.

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