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12 Jan

We’ve seen them mentioned in the IT news headlines: data lakes. The new hope of IT organisations to enable their business units with actual content and valuable insights, rather than just offering servers and empty storage. Almost all companies of size and renown have embarked on this new journey and are  building these lakes to sail upon them. Or maybe  not?

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05 Jan

Here is a headline from quote which came from my friend, a C-level executive in one of the biggest corporations in Finland. You might wonder why, as a representative of a company that doesn’t particularly preach cloud*, and doesn’t provide a full set of services for managing key SaaS components like ERPs or CRMs, I would bring up the topic.

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Data PaaS IaaS

28 Nov

For a few years now, I’ve been engaged in a personal passion project of explicating what the increasing abundance of data can do for design. My most recent definition of data-driven design is that it means digitalization and automation of design research. In future, data-driven design will possibly reach out to decision making and generative design. But we’re not there yet.

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Data Design

09 Oct

The stack is now comprehensive and complete. The stage is set for further disruption in the BI technology sector, with the arrival of QuickSight, a fully featured business intelligence platform that offers results within 60 seconds.  
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AWS Data re:Invent English