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15 Feb

Microservices architecture has been a key focus for a lot of organizations in the past few years. Organizations around the world are changing from the traditional monolithic architecture - to a faster time-to-market, automated, and deployable microservices architecture. Microservices architecture approach has its number of benefits, but the two that come up the most are how the software is deployed and how it is managed throughout its lifecycle.

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30 Jan

Nordcloud Germany is going to be a proud sponsor of this year's JeffConf in Hamburg, taking place next month on 16th February.

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Serverless Germany

03 Nov

This week, Nordcloud sponsored Microsoft's Future Decoded in London's Excel. This was our first time exhibiting at the event, and the two days there gave us the opportunity to speak to and meet other Azure Cloud experts, as well as influencers in the Microsoft community. The main events were perhaps the keynotes at the start of each day, allowing us an insight into up and coming innovations and trends within the business.

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