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16 May 2017

Trend Micro Releases Deep Security 10.0

Last week, Trend Micro released version 10.0 of their DSaaS (Deep Security as a Service) Deep Security Manager.

Jessica Looke

Last month, Trend Micro released version 10.0 of their DSaaS (Deep Security as a Service) Deep Security Manager. As a Trend Partner, Nordcloud have been waiting in anticipation for this long-awaited release, and can’t wait to roll it out to our customers. The new release includes some exciting new features, which we have summerised below:


Updated Cloud Connectors: DSM now supports AWS Account Roles to improve security to tenants in AWS. It has also revamped its Azure connector, making it compatible with Azure Resource Manager allowing users to take full advantage of the PAYG licensing model.


An added 7th Control: Application Security, (alongside the Anti-Malware and Firewall). It’s currently only for RHEL 6/7 & Amazon Linux, but Windows distributions are expected soon. You’ll be able to control the applications and the version of applications that are installed on a system. In this way compliance against a rule set can either be enforced, or the drift from the rule set can be evaluated.




Update on the usability of the Web Interface: There’s also Smart Folders to help dynamically group resources (such as by tag, resource group) and apply policies to them. Different policies will therefore be easier to apply to dev / test / prod environments, and result in less admin for the user.


Increased security by using application control: Allows you to get visibility into applications running on your systems and detect or block unauthorised software.


Added support for Docker hosts and containers: You can now protect Docker hosts or containers with DSaaS. The new release protects your deployment as well as helps your business meet and maintain compliance requirements. Other features include providing real-time anti-malware detection for file systems used on Docker hosts, monitoring Docker hosts for unexpected changes, protecting the unorthorised execution of applications, and sheilding Docker hosts and containers from vulnerabilities.


The full release notes can be found on the Trend Website here.


pexels-photo-270360-1.jpegIncreased Agility

Businesses are starting to see that they need to be more agile when it comes to their operations. The increased Cloud adoption we’ve seen over the last few years has coincided with companies being able to innovate much quicker, but also take more care about their data protection. The approach to security ultimately needs to be simplified. In this new release, DSaaS allows businesses to ensure better compliance across more Cloud platforms and to retain better control.

Nordcloud will shortly be upgrading our DSaaS DSM to version 10.0 and will be contacting our existing customers in the coming weeks to discuss the benifits it will bring them.

If you would like more informaion about how Nordcloud's Managed Cloud can help you take advantage of Trend Micro Deep Security as a Service, contact us now.


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