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Cloud Solutions

Fully leverage the capabilities and potential of public cloud platforms in your digital services.

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Cloud Solution Design & Development

Solving the most challenging problems today’s enterprises face, we help you respond better to the needs of your customers. We are experts in user experience design, application development and serverless technologies that provide out-of-the box production grade scalability, security and durability. We deliver fast and at lower cost by focusing on services, not servers.

We can provide expertise and solutions for businesses across different industries.

Solutions to Tackle Our Clients' Digital Challenges

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eCommerce  & eService
We build tailored customer experiences to maximise digital revenue and minimise service costs. 
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We build digital solutions to fully leverage connected assets.

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Digital Innovation
We help enterprises and startups succeed with their new digital business from concept to production.
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Application Modernisation
We modernise business IT solutions to shift costs from infrastructure and licenses to services while increasing agility.

Expertise to Guarantee Successful Digital Business

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Faster Results, Lower TCO by Building on Services, not Servers
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Web / Mobile Applications that Run our Clients' Digital Business
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User Experiences and Services that Drive Customer Satisfaction
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Expertise to Build Intelligent Solutions that Fully Leverage the Public Cloud



Discover how Nordcloud helped Fonecta optimise and improve their cloud capacity and big data infrastructure in the cloud.


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Cloud solution design

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