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University of Cloud

Apply to Nordcloud's University of Cloud and become a future Cloud Superhero!

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What is the University of Cloud?

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The problem is obvious and it's been here for some time now; there are not enough cloud skilled people in the Universe. To face the challenge we decided to roll up our sleeves and to grow the next cloud generation ourselves. University of Cloud by Nordcloud  - UCN - was born.

In UCN we transform IT experts to next generation cloud superheroes. This means that during 6 weeks our selected “Padawans” join the fast-track learning programme in modern cloud architecture. The program consists of classroom training at the Nordcloud office in Helsinki, self-learning at your location, and most importantly learning by working on projects with our Senior Cloud Architects. After the intensive University of Cloud you will be Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) ready Cloud Engineer to continue the journey with us. You are also encouraged to complete AWS certificates. How many belts you get – it's totally up to you!

We are super excited to offer cloudy career paths to those who are looking for a upgrade in their careers and want to work in the cloud. Apply now before end of May 2018.


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University of Cloud

What are the Prerequisites?

The University of Cloud at Nordcloud is a fast-track training programme for people with previous work experience (5+ years) from the IT sector and with a passion for learning and keeping up with the latest technologies. You are expected to know at least one coding / scripting language and are familiar with coding / scripting in general.

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How do I apply for the University of Cloud?

It's as easy as it gets! Just fill in the form by 30th May, 2018 and we will get in touch with you with more information. Please note, you will have to have a work permit in EU.

What will I learn at the University of Nordcloud?

You will learn everything worth knowing about cloud computing services from our leading cloud experts. 

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What happens upon graduation from University of Cloud?

After successfully completing your University of Cloud degree, you will continue your permanent employment in our company so that you can practice your newly acquired Cloud skills with us. We do offer you a permanent employment from day 1!

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