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It's time to join #TheCloudRevolution

Organisations that utilise cloud services in their business operations succeed significantly better than their competitors. We're here to help you gain the maximum benefits of the cloud whilst delivering the highest level of quality, security, and reliability.

Why Cloud

The cloud presents a great opportunity for you and your organisation. In order to drive growth in today’s fast-paced market place, a comprehensive and adept IT infrastructure is needed. This means the time has come for you to shift from legacy infrastructures and embrace the cloud.

But what value will the cloud deliver? As a cloud native market leader we’ve helped over 500 customers harness the power of the cloud by delivering IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). There are several reasons why you should consider moving your IT infrastructure to the cloud sooner rather than later.



Go-to-market instantly! The cloud speeds up development times, meaning you can release new products and services faster, giving you an edge over your competitors.


The cloud can scale with demand, delivering you the required bandwidth during peak hours whilst reducing it during the night and low-traffic periods. This improves your customer experience and reduces your costs.




Along with the cost savings of scalability, cloud computing does not require any capital expenditure on servers or infrastructure hardware, which means there is no upfront investment required and you only pay for what you use.


The cloud gives you the agility to react, pivot, and change to any events that may arise. With the cloud you can navigate through the ever-changing IT and business landscapes with freedom and confidence.




The cloud is quick to adopt, reduces development cycles, speeds up deployment of new products and services, and provides you with the agility that will save you time and money in the future. Most importantly, it allows your people to focus their time, energy, and expertise on your core projects and activities.


The cloud is safe. Strict security standards, authentication, encryption, and backup and restore operations ensure that your data is strongly protected. 24/7 monitoring systems will notify dedicated response teams of any incidents that may occur, and with the cloud you no longer need to worry about leaving your company laptop on the bus.




No matter where you are or which machine you’re using, you will always be able to access your data and information from the cloud. You can also enjoy the benefits of working from home or remotely, and document control means no more emailing files backwards and forwards.


Average outage of cloud services is only 7.5 hours per year, giving the cloud a 99.9% availability rate.



The Environment

Businesses using cloud computing only use the server space they need, which decreases their carbon footprint. The cloud is 30% more environmentally friendly than using on-site servers, and for a small business, that figure can rise to up to 90%.

Since 2011, Nordcloud has helped over 500 customers move to the cloud. Learn more about our Services.


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